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Airtel Message Center Number: We face problems while sending messages to any contact. In such cases, we have to solve the problem by contacting the message service number. If you are a customer of Airtel sim number here there is detailed information of Airtel message center number. You can find message center numbers all over the country. Based on your state and area you have to contact the Airtel message center number.

In mobile telephony, Airtel India is the third largest provider, and also in fixed telephony, it is the second provider. And Airtel India is also a provider of subscription and broadband television services. The brand Airtel India is opened by subsidiaries of Bharti Airtel. It is combined with Bharti Telemedia and Bharti Hexacom and provides broadband fixed-line services. And also it provides Telecom passive infrastructure such as telecom towers and telecom equipment with Bharti infrared. Bharti Airtel is limited by the services of Bharti Enterprises. And the head of Bharti Airtel is Sunil Bharti Mittal.

Airtel Message Center Number

What is the Message Center Number?

A message center number or SMSC is known as the network component in the telephone mobile network. The basic work of this number is it stores the deliver, convert, forward SMS which means short message service messages. And the main work of this SMSC is it routes the messages and also it regulates the process.

  • Whenever we send a message to any contact number at first the message was sent to the SMS center.
  • Then the message we wanted to send will be sent by the SMS center to the contact number.
  • And then SMSC will do the job of the route and regulating the message.
  • If the message was not transferred like the other person’s phone is switched off then the message will be saved in SMSC.
  • Whenever the other person’s mobile is available the message will be sent automatically. There is no excess of the message expiry date.

The Process to fix Airtel Message Service Number:

If you have any problem regarding the Airtel message center number then these are the steps to follow to solve your problem immediately. The reason behind the problem is that there is a change in the message center number on your phone. There are two methods to fix the message service number. One method is through message settings and the other method is by contacting the USSD code.

These are the steps to follow to solve this problem via message settings are:

Step 1: At first select the option main menu and then choose open message application.

Step 2: Now you can see some options and here you have to choose message settings.

Step 3: Here you have to choose the option Text messy and then you have to enter the message.

Step 4: At this step, you have to choose the option SMS service center.

Step 5: Now based on your area and State choose the operator number and you have to type the number right there.

Step 6: Now the data has been sent successfully.

These are some steps to fix the Airtel message service number. Suppose if your mobile phone doesn’t have to option of Message center then there is also another method to proceed. Here I will provide another method of fixing the Airtel message center number.

Step 1: Open your dial pad and enter the number *#*#4636#*## in your mobile phone.

Step 2: And here you have to choose phone information.

Step 3: Here you can find the SMSC setting by scrolling down your screen.

Step 4: At this step to see a current setting you have to refresh your screen at this moment.

Step 5: If it is showing that the number you have entered is wrong. Then you have to type the number again and you have to update the number.

Step 6: If it is showing the message update error. Then the mobile phone you are using is Android 2.3 or more than the version. So to solve this problem you have to enter the UDP number of your mobile phone.

Step 7: After entering the UDP number you have to restart your mobile phone.

Step 8: To make sure whether it is working or not type test.

Step 9: If any message center number has been not worked, now it’s time to call the customer care helpline number by calling 198.

This is another alternative method to fix the message center number if you don’t have a message center option on your mobile phone.

Use of these numbers: Suppose on your phone if you lose the SMS service number then you cannot contact them if there is a problem. If the message was delivering to the other person then you need to contact this SMS service number. So if you fix this number on your phone whenever the message was not deliverable you can contact the SMS service number and you can solve the problem. So that you can send the message to any contact number at any time.

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