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Spectrum Basic Cable Channels: Cable TV has been one of the most basic requirements in every home today and it has been enthralling the generations with its innovative and exciting programming. However, you will not get all the channels available on the cable TV service in one single package. Each of the channels has separate pricing, and cable TV operators offer you the packages or the bundles and you can opt for the channels that rightly meet your needs.

So, what are the Spectrum basic cable channels? We will try finding out in this post.

Spectrum Basic Cable Channels

What are Spectrum Basic Cable Channels?

Spectrum basic cable is one of the prime options among the Spectrum tv packages available for the subscribers. It is indeed the lowest package available among the Spectrum tv channel packages. The Spectrum basic channels package includes the channels that are most entry level in nature and least expensive among all the channels.

The Spectrum tv packages under the basic channels comprise most of the local channels such as ABC, CBS, and FOX, public-access networks like PEG, PBS, and GATV, and may also consist of a few in house channels from Spectrum.

To explain it rightly, the Spectrum channel packages are set to consist of three basic packages viz TV Select, TV Silver, and TV Gold. The TV Select package comes with most of the top cable networks. The Silver package comes with all the channels in the Select package and HBO® and SHOWTIME® channels along. The Gold package offers you the channels included in the Silver and Select packs and in addition, it also provides you access to the high definition and premium channels.

Spectrum TV Package

Channel Count

Monthly Price

TV Select 125+ $44.99
TV Silver 175+ $69.99
TV Gold 200+ $89.99

What is included in the Spectrum Basic Channels Package?

Now that we are aware of what are the different channel packages offered by Spectrum, it would be worthwhile to find the list of the Spectrum basic cable channels. The channels available under the basic package include local sports channels along with FOX and NBC to government and education channels. You will also find the channels dealing with kids’ programming, news, shopping, lifestyle, music, and foreign-language networks.

The list of the best channels available on Spectrum basic channel package includes the following –

ABC StartTV Music Choice – 90s Music Choice – R&B & Soul
CBS Buzzr Music Choice – Adult Alternative Music Choice – R&B Classics
PBS Movies! Music Choice – Alternative Music Choice – Rap
PBS Kids MyTV Music Choice – Blues Music Choice – Reggae
NBC UniMás Music Choice – Classic Country Music Choice – Rock
FOX getTV Music Choice – Classic Rock Music Choice – Rock Hits
AABC Corp ION Plus Music Choice – Classical Masterpieces Music Choice – Romances
ARTN Azteca Music Choice – Contemporary Christian Music Choice – Singers & Swing
Armenia TV Create Music Choice – Country Hits Music Choice – Smooth Jazz
C-SPAN Bounce TV Music Choice – Dance/EDM Music Choice – Soft Rock
C-SPAN2 Univisión Music Choice – Easy Listening Music Choice – Solid Gold Oldies
C-SPAN3 COZI TV Music Choice – Gospel Music Choice – Sound of the Seasons
CTI-Zhong Tian LXTV Music Choice – Hip-Hop Classics Music Choice – Soundscapes
Charter Public Community Access Daystar Music Choice – Hip-Hop and R&B Music Choice – Stage & Screen
Crossings TV Estrella News Music Choice – Hit List Music Choice – Teen Beats
Danbi TV Estrella TV Music Choice – Indie Music Choice – Throwback Jamz
ETTV News (Chinese) TBN Music Choice – Jazz Music Choice – Today’s Country
GCGI Sky Link TV Antenna TV Music Choice – Kidz Only! Music Choice – Toddler Tunes
Government Access The CW Music Choice – Light Classical Music Choice – Tropicales
HSN TeleXitos Music Choice – Max Music Choice – Y2K
High Vision Telemundo Music Choice – Metal New Tang Dynasty
International TV Network RetroTV Music Choice – Mexicana P.E.G.
Jewelry TV Leased Access Music Choice – Musica Urbana PAN ARMENIAN TV
Localish Network MBC (Korean) MMusic Choice – Party Favorites QVC
MeTV Music Choice Music Choice – Pop & Country SHOPHQ
IND Music Choice – 70s Music Choice – Pop Hits Spectrum News 1 (CA) – Central LA
KBS World Music Choice – 80s Music Choice – Pop Latino TVK2

Well, that should be the complete information on how to get the right Spectrum tv packages and have access to the basic programs. Check out the packages and get access to an enhanced experience.

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