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Where is the Camera on My Smart TV: If you have a smart TV, it would be important to notice that it can gather information on what you say and it can even find the details about your activities. Do you know that cameras and microphones on smart TVs are hidden and finding them may not be as easy as it may appear to be?

Modern smart TVs come with cameras and microphones installed on them. In most situations, you cannot easily find the location of the camera on a smart TV. If you are looking to find where is the camera on my smart tv, they are normally placed at the edges of the screen of your TV. They are ideally placed close together as they are most likely paired together in a video call.

Where is the Camera on My Smart TV

Do Smart TVs have Cameras?

That should be a valid question. Most of the smart TVs in the high end smart TVs come with the installed microphones and cameras. The cameras on most of the Smart TVs are located at the upper edges of your TV or on the bezels. A smaller circle should be visible on the bezel and that should indicate the presence of the camera. If your bezels are extremely thinner, you will find that the camera is located at the exact location, but does pop up only when needed.

Most of the newer smart TVs come equipped with a built in camera. However, a few of the smart TV models may not come with a camera. The exact location would be dependent on the model you would have chosen. In case you find that you have the facial recognition feature, it would be clear that your smart TV comes with a camera. If it does, you should be able to find it if you closely inspect the edges of your screen.

Where is the Camera on Samsung Smart TV?

It may be noticed that not every Samsung device comes with a camera or microphones. However, if your smart TV does come with a camera or microphone – it should ideally be located at the bezels on the TV.

In some of the newer models, you will find the Samsung smart tv camera located in the middle of your TV. You should be able to locate the camera on a smart TV if you have a 7/8/9 F Series Samsung TV.

Where is the camera on my Vizio Smart TV?

The Vizio smart TV does come equipped with four built in microphones and cameras. On most of the Vizio smart TVs, you should find the camera located on the top of the TV.

In fact, Vizio smart TVs do not come with built in cameras. But, they come with an option for installing the camera. The company, however, does sell the compatible web cam which may be compatible with your Vizio TV. You can mount it on the TV and make it work with your TV.

Does Samsung Smart TV have built in Camera?

The Samsung F Series SMART TVs come with built in camera support. You will need to extend the TV camera when you need to use it.

The retractable functionality offered by the Samsung Smart TV makes it one of the excellent options found on the Samsung smart TV. You can simply retract the camera back into the TV when you are not in need of using the camera.


How do I turn the camera off on my Vizio TV?

  • You can press the menu button on your Vizio TV remote and opt for the option Smart Interactivity under Settings. Pressing the right arrow on this setting will turn off the camera on your Vizio smart TV

Does my smart TV have a camera?

  • Most of the smart TVs come with a built-in camera and microphone. That would exactly mean you need to take care of the camera settings. That is because you need to be careful about the wrong usage of your camera just in case your Smart TV is hacked.

Where is the camera located on a smart TV?

  • The cameras on the smart TV are normally found on the upper edges of the TV or on the bezels. The camera may be represented by a small circle on the bezel.

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