How to enable Screen Share on Discord Server 2021

Discord Screen Share in Server: Discord is one of the prominent voice and text chat options for gamers. Originally designed for gamers, the options have now become one of the excellent options for other areas as well. One of the aspects most of us are not aware of Discord is that it lets you share your screen with your friends.

Discord lets you share your screen with up to 9 people. You can indulge in live chat sharing your desktops. The Discord screen share in the server feature has made it one of the strongest competitors to a host of other competing options in the meetings and video calling apps. Are you wondering how to enable a screen share on the Discord server? Let us explain how.

discord screen share in server

How to enable Discord Screen Share in Server?

Well, there are no special sections you need to opt for. The feature is built within the Discord app. You just need to ensure that video and audio hardware is designed properly on your Discord app. Do note that the Discord server screen share option is not available on the mobile app.

Follow the steps here below –

  • Access the Settings page on your Discord app.
  • From the menu on left hand side, scroll down, and choose App Settings.
  • Next, pick the option Voice and Video
  • It is here that you can set your audio and video hardware.

Pick your camera and microphone from within these settings. You can check your video and audio configurations by clicking on the Test Audio option.

Well, that was all about the configuration part under your options for how to share the screen on the Discord server. Next on will be to add your friends to the Call list. Do note that you need to be friends with the person you are looking to add up on the Discord screen share in the server.

Here is how you would add friends to your call list –

  • Go to the Home page of your Discord app.
  • Open your friend’s list by clicking on Friends.
  • Hovering on their user name will show the option for Video calls.
  • When you click on it, you will create a DM with him/her

You can further add more users and start a screen share option.

That should be one of the simplest and easier options to help you opt for the best Discord server screen share features. It should be one of the most perfect benefits for Discord users. You can showcase whatever you are doing on your computer. The best part with the Discord screen share in the server is it does not need you to download any specific application for the purpose. You do not even need to log in to the other user’s account for the purpose of viewing their Discord screen.

The feature has made Discord one of the hot favorites with gaming fans and other users who value online meetings and virtual collaborations. And yes, before we forget to mention – the feature is completely free and does not put a lot of load on your bandwidth either.

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