How To Play PS4 On Laptop Screen With HDMI in 2021

How To Play PS4 On Laptop: PS4 provides wide features of power and gaming facilities for gaming. PS4 provides the best consoles for playing games and it will be very fun for gamers. You can enjoy the game for hours with the best high-resolution gaming. And also there be hundreds of gaming options to play so that gamers can enjoy for many hours. PS4 console will be available for any type of game-like action games, strategic games, killing zombies, or rampage.

The best thing with the PS4 service is you do not need to wait for the TV for monitoring the game. In some situations, you have to wait for TV as someone will watch TV. And in some cases, your TV will doesn’t work and you have to wait until it gets repaired. So if you have a PS4 service you can use your Laptop and monitor. So that you can enjoy the gaming.

How To Play PS4 On Laptop Screen With HDMI in 2021, So let us know how to monitor the laptop for playing games deeply so that it will be helpful for gamers. Follow the instructions mentioned carefully so that you can successfully monitor your Laptop for playing games.

How To Play PS4 On Laptop

How to Connect PS4 to Laptop Screen

You can easily connect your Laptop with an HDMI cable for playing games. But monitoring your Laptop with Sony PS4 is not as easy as HDMI cable. This is the reason that most people don’t keep time for preferring PS4 service. For connection, you should have an idea of when to monitor it with your Laptop and you have to manage it carefully.

And the laptop you are using should support gaming for compatibility and high performance. Your video should be able for compatibility of video input because in most of the Laptops you cannot find that option. If you have that option you have more things to learn about that. You cannot connect your Laptop to a notebook with an HDMI cable and simply start playing games. The HDMI connections available are one directional and it won’t support two directional links. Both the HDMI ports laptop and PS4 are output ports. So you no need to connect both of them for getting the output of your Laptop screen.

There are two possible ways for connection. By using any of the two ways you can monitor your laptop screen for PS4 games.

Can I Use My Laptop as a Monitor for My PS4

In this method, you can connect the laptop with the console using video capture cards. This method is very easy and there will be no complications in the process. In the process of setting you to have to solve some bucks to get the set-up ready. For the setup, you need a video capture card, laptop, file sharing comparability, WIFI connection, and HDMI CABLE.

STEP 1: At first you have to open setting tabs in the PS4 menu and find the network option in network settings and turn on the option for sharing file comparability. And after turning it in you will also get an internet connection. You have to use a router if you didn’t get any Wi-Fi connection and to connect with a Laptop using the PS4 configuration.

STEP 2: Once you establish the connection you can start the process of streaming of the Laptop and HDMI cable. Using a USB port connect the video capture card to the laptop. The video capture cards are inbuilt with an installation suite facility. So the process is easy for installation and setup.

STEP 3: Now you need a video connection which is readily available near the retail shops. Use the video and connect the video card to the PS4 console. Now have a look at HDMI in link to the capture card and the HDMI out the link to the PS4 console.

STEP 4: Once you connect the video capture card with the PS4 console you have to run the software and turn on the PS4 console and the output should display on your laptop screen. That’s it now you are ready to have fun in your games with advanced technology.

How to Monitor laptop using HDMI

STEP 1: At first you have to install the latest remote play app from the website of Sony which is available on both Mac and android laptops.

STEP 2: Once the download was completed turn on the PS4 console and enable remote play connection in settings. And make sure that you have a network connection for gaming. Leave the PS4 in the rest mode for power saving.

STEP 3: Now you have to turn on the Enable turn on the option to run the console from the network option. And now turn on the remote control application on the laptop and open the settings. Now set the screen resolution into 720p which is the ideal option. By using the USB control connect the controller with the laptop.

STEP 4: By using USB cable Pair the controller with the laptop and run it for few seconds. Now you will see the start button in the remote play app. Click on the start button and now you will be redirected to the login screen. The remote app will automatically choose the PS4 console on Laptop. Now you are ready to play the games with more interest with more gaming options.

These are two possible methods you have to follow for monitoring your gaming on a laptop. Both the methods are not hard to follow if you find it difficult to prefer online tutorials for better understanding.

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