How to Fix BT Hub Orange Light issue [2022 Guide]

BT Hub Orange Light: If you have a new BT hub or have had one for a while, it may take some getting used to. One thing you’ll notice about the BT Hub is that its lights are a variety of different colors, which may be a novelty if you’ve previously only had a red/green router at home. And it can be even more difficult to understand what all of these different colors mean. So, in this short guide, we’ll look at what the different light colors on your BT Hub mean, as well as whether they’re solid or flashing.

This is the fix to the problem that after rebooting a Home Hub or Smart Hub, it is unable to connect to the broadband, showing a flashing/solid orange bar light or red light and purple light (and possibly the red broadband light underneath). To fix this and allow your BT Hub to connect to the broadband, try this

bt hub orange light

How to Fix BT Hub Orange Light issue

If the light on your BT Hub is flashing orange then this indicates that it is trying to connect to the broadband and may take around a minute or two to secure the connection. Once the hub has connected the orange light will remain steady and you’ll need to use a device like a computer, tablet, or mobile phone to connect to the hub.

Guide to BT Hub Lights

  • The lights on a BT Hub differ from those on the majority of routers, so you’ll need to consult a color-coded guide to figure out what’s what. Green and blue are generally considered to be good colors, whereas red, orange, and purple are not.

These are the fundamentals of what your hub lights mean. Different models have been released over the last few years, so it may differ depending on which hub you have at home. But, for the most part, the colors have remained consistent. Regardless of the color of your hub, there is usually a solution to the problem. So, let’s take a look at the colors that will appear on you.

Green Light

  • If you see a green light on your BT Hub, everything is fine. A green light will usually illuminate when you power on your hub, and it is nothing to be concerned about. It should remain green for a short period of time before turning blue when properly turned on. If your Hub is permanently stuck on a green light, a hard reset is in order. You can do this by pressing the factory reset button on your hub (you’ll need a paperclip for this).

Blue Light

  • Although a blue light on some routers is undesirable, on a BT Home hub it indicates that everything is in order. You’re connected to the internet, and everything should be fine. A duller blue light on older models indicates that your hub is in energy saving mode. If you have a blue light and your hub isn’t working, the issue is most likely with your device rather than the hub itself. If your hub is operational, restarting it is the best option.

Orange Light

  • The most frequently asked question about the home hub is about the orange light. This can be broken down into two parts. If you have a flashing orange light, everything is fine. In most cases, this simply means that your hub is connecting to the internet. If you wait a few minutes, this will eventually turn into a solid blue light. However, if you get a solid orange light after a flashing orange light, you have a problem. A solid orange light indicates that the hub is operational, but it is not connected to the internet for some reason.

What’s the best way to fix this? Connect your laptop to the hub, then launch Safari, Uc browser, or the other web browser. So, if your hub is operational but not connected to the internet, using the BT help wizard is the best way to restore your internet connection.

Purple Light

  • A flashing purple light is another indicator that there is a problem. This usually means that the broadband cable to your hub was not properly inserted; if it was, it could indicate a problem with the cable itself. A flashing purple light on older Hub models may indicate that there is a general problem connecting to the internet. As previously stated, you will need to troubleshoot using a web browser in this case.

Red Light

  • Red is another sign that there is an issue with your hub in general. You can repeat the steps outlined above to see if you can find a solution to the problem. If you are confronted with a red light, the best thing to do is to perform a factory reset.

No light

  • There are only two possible explanations for the absence of lights on your BT Hub. The first is self-evident: it is not turned on properly. This could be due to your power or cables, but if your hub is turned on, it will have lights on. The only exception is if someone has turned off the lights in the hub’s settings. You can check here to see if the lights on your hub have been turned off.

BT Home Hub Varieties

The instructions on their lights will differ slightly depending on which Home Hub you have. These are the models that are still widely used in the United Kingdom today.

  • The BT Smart Hub – is a device that allows you to connect to the internet via The Smart Hub’s main functions are more antennae, next-generation wifi, and light on/off control.
  • The BT Smart Hub 2 – Is a device that allows you to connect to the internet via a The Smart Hub 2 is a moderate improvement over the original, with 7 antennae and DECT capabilities.
  • BT Home Hub 3 – With only one wifi band, this is an older model that can only connect to a 2.4GHZ band. If you still have this model, you should consider upgrading.
  • BT Home Hub 4 – This model only has four ethernet ports, not gigabit ethernet, so it will transfer data at a slower rate than some other models.
  • BT Home Hub 5 – An improved version of the 3 and 4, with more antennae and dual AC wifi, the Home Hub 5 is fairly common in the UK.

Overall, knowing what to do when you see each of the flashing lights on your BT Home Hub is simple – once you understand what they mean, that is. While it is very similar to other hubs, it can be a little confusing if you have switched from another router brand, such as Virgin. So, hopefully, this guide will be useful.

The flashing orange light indicates that it is connecting to your broadband or that it is connecting via WPS, depending on the current BT Hub model you are using. When it connects, the light should become solid blue.

We hope you were able to resolve the BT Hub flashing orange light issue at some point in this article. However, if the orange light continues to blink, we recommend contacting PT Hub support to assist you in resolving the issue. After all, having a good internet connection is what you pay for, and since more and more of our devices rely on it, it is unquestionably an issue that must be addressed.

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