How to Factory Reset Samsung Laptop in 2021? [Full Guide]

Samsung Laptop Factory Reset: Whenever your system is lagging you can reset your system. All the laptops of Samsung company will have user friendly and great laptops so that the process of resetting the system doesn’t make it so hard. You can reset your system by yourself without taking others’ help or by visiting the store. The main thing you have to be careful of is if you reset your system all the data will be erased. So before resetting make sure whether there is any important data to the transferred. The files and data you have stored in the primary drive will be erased. So it will be better if you transfer all the important data and files before resetting.

There are many ways to reset your system, for the easy process here are some filtered processes to reset the system. Without going into the hard ways and deep settings simply follow these easy steps. These steps don’t take more time and they will be easy and simple to finish the process.

samsung laptop factory reset

So without wasting time let us go to the steps for resetting the password.


Here are three methods that are easy to perform and are the best option for resetting the Samsung laptop.

METHOD 1: Recovery Process for Samsung System

STEP 1:  At first you have to press the key ESC and hold it, now you have to start the Samsung laptop.

NOTE:  You have to press and hold the ESC key until the laptop will start with the option of restoring the system.

STEP 2: Once the restore system was displayed on the screen then you have to find the option with the recovery solution program and then you have to run by double clicking on that option.

NOTE: The option Samsung recovery solution is provided by the Samsung company for the system restore program. This option is particularly used for Samsung password recovery.

STEP 3:  Now to continue the process you have to click the F11 key for factory resetting of the Samsung laptop.

METHOD 2: Samsung Factory Resetting Through Hotkey

Samsung systems or laptops are provided with the best and smooth function keys. And especially for resetting the Samsung laptops, it is provided with one key. So first switch on your Samsung laptop and then press the key with either F4 or F7 at the same time. Once you press those keys your Samsung laptop will automatically start the system restore program. You can access your laptop without entering any password while your laptop will turn on and reboots.

This method is one of the best and safe methods to factory reset your Samsung laptop. And meanwhile in this process also the data will be erased if you reset your system. So keep your data safe and transferred before resetting the system. Other than any laptops factory reset process is easy for only Samsung laptops. The keys which are short keys will be helpful to access the system easily to reset the system.

And also you can reset your system through CD also. Let us see the step by step process.

METHOD 3: Factory Reset of Samsung Laptop Through CD

STEP 1: At first you have to get the windows of CD.

STEP 2: Now you have to insert the CD ROM and then you have to switch off the laptop.

STEP 3: Now you have to press the key F8 continuously until the booting process starts and it shows the boot menu.

STEP 4:  Once the boot menu is displayed now you have to click on the boot option from CD and open the option by double-clicking on it.

STEP 5:  Now you can find a lot of commands on your display so that it leads to different outputs. Now you have to click the enter button to set up your windows.

STEP 6: Once you click enter button you will be shown a new page with different messages for the installation of windows. Now you have to remove the partitions and then you have to format your hard drive. Now you to choose and delete the barriers of earlier.

STEP 7:  Now you have to create some new partitions by choosing the option unpartitioned space by using arrow keys. To create a new partition press the key C.

STEP 8:  Now from the newly created Partitions choose one partition as the primary partition sir installing windows. When they ask the file system choose the NTFS option which is fast and secure.

STEP 9:  Now the process is done you have to be patient for completion once the process is done you gave to follow the instructions mentioned for finishing the process.

Factory Reset Process in Windows 10

In windows 10 the process of resetting the Samsung laptop is straightforward. Windows 10 process is different from other windows. You have to plug your laptop into the charger. You have to make sure to save your data and files safe in your external drive of Drive C. You have to switch on your laptop to start the process.

STEP 1: At first you have to start the button and then open the settings.

STEP 2:  Now click on the option with update and security.

STEP 3: Now click on the recovery option on the left sidebar.

STEP 4: Once you click the option you have to reset the PC on top with the getting started option.

STEP 5: Now your screen will be displayed with two options with keeping my files and remove everything. You have to choose the remove everything option.

STEP 6:  Now another screen will be displayed with just remove the files and remove the files and clear the drive. Choose the option of removing the files so that your PC will get formatted. And also it will wipe the entire data from the hard drive and all will get partitioned.

STEP 7: Now upgrade your laptop and click on the next option. And finally, click on the reset option so that the process will be finished.

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