How to Turn on TCL TV Without Remote or Power Button

How to Turn on TCL TV Without Remote: This post will show you how to manage your TCL television without using the remote, including powering it on and off, changing the volume, searching the internet, and entering a passcode. When you compare the remote with the ipazzport small keyboard, you’ll see that the ipazzport mini keyboard is a better alternative for the TCL Roku tv.

TCL smart TV has become rather popular in the TV sector in recent years. As a smart TV, its setup, layout, Application, and content are much more considerate than a regular TV, necessitating the use of a more powerful and effective TV remote to fully utilize its capabilities, despite the fact that the given TV remote is extremely intuitive and practical.

How to Turn On TCL TV Without Remote

How to Turn On TCL TV Without Remote Control?

So How to Turn on The TV Without a Remote Control? Most TVs have the power button (joystick) located just underneath the screen, in the middle, right or left side. When you locate the button, just push and hold it for one second to power on your TV. If you want to power off your TV, use the same button.

But there are also other ways you can turn on your TV without remote control. Therefore to see all possible ways continue to read this article.

What a smaller than expected IR touchpad give you?

The accompanying small infrared touchpad console KP-810-61 (click for more details) underscores four viewpoints: an inherent touchpad with the expectation of complimentary cursor situating other than included heading catches, a QWERTY console for smooth information or secret word information, easy route, and helpful catches for fundamental TV game playing, and surprisingly better 8 IR learning catches to learn code worth of your unique distant and control your TV.

How does this smaller than usual IR touchpad console control your TV?

Program 8 devoted IR catches to supplant your unique TV far off

Prior to the entire cycle, how about we check the way that the smaller than normal touchpad console is sufficiently compelling, yet not ideal for the clients need to depend on their TV distant in driving on/off their TV, changing the channels, and changing the voice. Is there any opportunity to get better at controlling their TV with only one far off rather than habitually shuffling two controllers’ unique TV distance and console far-off? Yes, it is correct.

Instructions on how to program them

Between the direction buttons and the touchpad are eight learning buttons, each of which can learn the code value from the original TV remote. You can divide them into groups and program them to do different things, such as turning on/off the TV and acting as a “Source” independently, adjusting the voice, and changing the stations.

The third group, which has been spared, can be programmed to perform additional user-defined tasks. Thank you for the eight infrared buttons. You can put your TV remote away and have a great time on your TCL TV without sacrificing programming, apps, or other features.

Let’s go into the specifics of the IR learning process.

Step 1: Press and hold the first button before pressing the “+” button until the LED indicator blinks and then turns solid.

Step 2: Click the button you wish to program (for example, “+”), and the indicator will blink once before staying on.

Step 3: Turn on your original TV remote, align their IR heads about 1 inch apart, and press the “V+” target button on your TV remote. The LED will flash three times, then remain constant for the next IR learning session.

Step 4: While the LED remains steady on, repeat steps 2 and 3 to program additional buttons.

Step 5: After about 10 seconds, the setting will be saved automatically.

Step 6: You’re done.

These buttons will replace the buttons on your TV remote to control your TCL TV once they have been programmed.

Note: The programming steps are provided in the user manual and are even printed on the back lid of the keyboard for easy reference.

Next, let’s look at some other functions that this little touchpad keyboard can perform.

When you open the package, you’ll notice that this keyboard is an ergo with a palm-fit design and a functional layout, which sets it apart from other keyboards with similar appearances and additional infrared buttons.

How Can I get a Wireless Connection?

Start charging the keyboard first.

Please charge the keyboard with the provided charging wire to ensure that it is not in low power mode.

Step 2: Connect the USB receiver: Turn on your television and unbox the tiny box, then lift the back lid to reveal the USB receiver inside. Make that the dongle is in good working order and looks good (no stain or abrupt edge).

Then, in the back of the TV, plug the dongle into the USB port.

Step 3: To turn on this keyboard remote, turn the power switch to the “On” position and slide your finger across the touchpad; the red cursor will move correspondingly on the TV screen. This indicates that your keyboard and television are both properly wired and prepared to use.

Use a Delicate touchpad to Control your TV

After you’ve established a WIFI connection, you may use the mouse on the screen to locate and access the target, which includes TV settings, operating apps, and more.

When compared to its initial navigation buttons, which were defined by item-to-item spotting manner, the free cursor track is a significant improvement in terms of flexibly and accurately moving the on-screen cursor and activating the target to proceed farther. For example, it takes roughly 6 clicks to open the tab “movie store,” which can take up to 4 seconds and can be reduced to 1 second when done on the iPhone

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