Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? (Read This Before Buying 2021)

Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth: Smart TVs are basically designed to provide you a wholesome entertainment for your home. But the Bluetooth connectivity can be one of the excellent options that can further enhance your experience. In fact, Bluetooth connectivity can be one of the excellent options for your needs in terms of beating the cables running all around your home, connecting several devices together.

Not all Smart TVs come with Bluetooth. This feature was reserved for flagship models, but as the competition stiffened between brands, manufacturers started beginning to include it in the lower tier models as leverage for sales and more consumers.

Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth

Do Smart TVs have Bluetooth?

Do all Smart TVs come with a Bluetooth connection? Bluetooth connectivity has become one of the standard features on almost all electronic devices. As things stand as of now, Bluetooth connectivity has become one of the prime features on almost all smart TVs.

While it is quite common to find a smart tv with Bluetooth, there may be a few smart TVs that may not come with the Bluetooth connectivity options. The Bluetooth enabled television can perhaps be one of the high end options that you would find one of the excellent choices for most of your connectivity requirements.

TVs with built in Bluetooth Connectivity

You should ideally find a few of the excellent options you would find quite impressive in terms of the best possible connectivity. Both high end and standard TVs come with advanced functionality with Bluetooth connectivity. You would find that the basic functionality that Bluetooth connectivity offers on your Smart TV can include the remote control. You will also find access to a huge range of other benefits offered by Bluetooth connectivity.

There is no need for searching for enhanced service quality with Bluetooth on a smart TV. In fact, you will find that almost all major brands do support Bluetooth connectivity on your smart TVs.

  • Samsung TVs – Samsung has made Bluetooth connectivity a standard feature on almost all its TVs. The prime connectivity feature observed on the Samsung Smart TV would include the Smart Remote. All the Smart Remotes connect with the help of Bluetooth connectivity
  • LG – LG TVs today have a lot of options with respect to the Smart TVs. LG is known for the Magic Remote for your exact requirements. The Universal Remote can help you work with one remote on all your devices simultaneously.
  • Vizio – Vizio does provide you access to Bluetooth LE or Low Energy experience. You will get access to an enhanced experience on almost all Vizio Smart TVs. The TV with built in Bluetooth helps you handle the Smartcast feature on your Smart TV.
  • Sony – Sony TVs are yet another model that would help you get access to an enhanced experience for your needs in terms of Bluetooth connectivity. But, not all the smart TVs from Sony come with Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth connectivity on Sony TVs is used for connecting your smart TV to your audio devices
  • Sharp – The Sharp brand is yet another excellent option that can prove your performance with your Smart TV. Only a few select Smart TVs from Sharp TVs come with Bluetooth connectivity. You can check if your Sharp TV can consist of finding the options under your TV settings.

What can you connect tv with built in Bluetooth to?

If your TV has Bluetooth connectivity, you can use it to connect it with the following several devices –

  • Bluetooth speakers and headphones – You can enjoy your shows without being affecting the others in your home.
  • Smartphone and tablet – You can use the smartphone app with the connectivity to your smart TV and control it.
  • Keyboard and mouse – Connecting your keyboard and mouse to your Bluetooth enabled smart TV can prove to be a good option for most of your requirements.


Do TVs have Bluetooth?

  • Almost all smart TVs come with Bluetooth connectivity. This will help you get access to an enhanced experience with Bluetooth connectivity.

How do I know if my TV has Bluetooth?

  • You can check out if you have Bluetooth on your Smart TV, it would be advisable to check your Android settings. You should ideally find the options under the connection settings.

What smart TVs have Bluetooth capability?

  • Most of the major TV brands come with Bluetooth connectivity. You can get access to Bluetooth connectivity through Samsung, Sony, LG, and Toshiba smart TVs.

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