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Spectrum Hallmark Channel: You have subscribed to Spectrum TV service and have been enjoying one of the most extreme levels of service quality offered by Spectrum. However, there are possibilities of getting confused if you are a new subscriber or haven’t been using your Spectrum TV services for a considerable period of time.

Finding the right channel numbers for your favorite channels can then be quite troublesome in such scenarios. One such popular channel you would not want to miss out on is Hallmark Channel. Want to find what channel is Hallmark on Spectrum? Read on to know more.

spectrum hallmark channel

What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum?

Finding your favorite channel from among the huge number of channels available on Spectrum is indeed a daunting task in itself. If you are looking to find the Hallmark channel on Spectrum, it should be noticed that the channel number is region specific.

Here is the region and state specific information on Spectrum channel numbers for Hallmark.


Channel Number

Austin, TX 39
Bakersfield, CA 60
Birmingham, AL 72 & 736
Charlotte, NC 23
Cincinnati, OH 32
Cleveland, OH 40
Dallas, TX 82
Fort Worth, TX 83 & 815
Houston, TX 77 & 815
Los Angeles, CA 88
New York, NY 84
Orlando, FL 51
Reno, NV 90 & 737
Rochester, NY 40
Saint Louis, MO 26 & 736
San Antonio, TX 53
Tampa, FL 68

If you find any issues or errors with respect to the Hallmark channel number, you can check out the customer service portal on the Spectrum service. They would be better equipped to provide you the right information on the Spectrum Hallmark channel.

What to Watch on Hallmark Channel on Spectrum?

Now that you have found the Hallmark channel number on Spectrum, it would be a good idea to find the content available on the Hallmark channel. You will be able to watch a wide range of content across several genres of content that would include rom-coms, hallmark-exclusive specials, and family shows to name a few.

Christmas Cookie Countdown

The cooking show comes with a twist that offers you.  access to up to 5 episodes. The series has the home chefs competing with one another and their performance will be judged by prominent pastry chefs. The show is hosted by a celebrity who keeps changing with each of the episodes.

The Mistletoe Secret

The blogger’s story writes about love and loneliness. The protagonist goes in search of the mystery blogger. The movie is based on a novel and is very intriguing.

Christmas Town

This is the Christmas movie by Candace Cameron Bure. The story is all about a woman who leaves for a big city in search of a nice town. On his way, she meets a lot of interesting people.

Hallmark Hall of fame

The show has been one of the longest running shows on the channel. The fourth longest running show airs at the prime time in the history of TV. It has also been rated to be one of the highest-rated channels on Spectrum.

Meet the Peetes

The Peetes are a happy lot and looking to raise their four kids along with their focus on charity. The charity organization that they have created works for autistic people and also for the people affected with Parkinson’s disease. The series is indeed quite worthy of watching.

A few great movies that you can enjoy on the Hallmark channel would include

  • Stranded in Paradise
  • A Christmas Detour
  • The National Tree
  • Fallen Angel
  • A Shoe Addict’s Christmas
  • Snow Bride

In essence, Hallmark is known for the best ever content that is invariably family oriented. It does offer you a huge mix of outstanding content that would include miseries, movies, acquired shows, and a host of original series. You can also expect a lot of lifestyle programs on the service.

In fact, more than 74 percent of American households with a TV connection have access to this channel. It has been one of the most watched and preferred movie channels in the country.

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