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SGPA to Percentage: There are two types of calculations they are cumulative and sessional. Let’s discuss in detail these two types of calculations. Cumulative GPA in simple words it is called CGPA. It calculates all the failed subjects and passed subjects throughout 8 semesters in engineering. Whereas sessional GPA in simple words it is called SGPA. SGPA will calculate all the failed subjects and passed subjects in a single semester. It means after completion of each semester it calculates the failed subjects and passed subjects. In an academic year, SGPA is calculated two times. Because in a year there will be two semesters.

Now first let us discuss in detail about sessional GPA it means SGPA. SGPA calculates the student’s performance for each semester. SGPA grading system is used in all educational institutions around the world. Depending on the educational systems there will be slight differences in modifications for the SGPA grading system. Sessional GPA is calculated for a single semester. Based on the performance of each student SGPA will give the weighted average of grade points for all the subjects. In each semester SGPA is calculated separately. The range of SGPA for each semester will range from 0.00 to 10.00.

SGPA to Percentage

The standard form of SGPA is semester grade average point. SGPA is the most used grading system in the education sector. SGPA is calculated based on the performance of each student in a single semester and the result will be calculated in the average grade method. The average grade is calculated by the total marks scored by the single student in all subjects in a single semester.

How to Convert SGPA

We can convert SGPA to percentage before that we have to know how to calculate SGPA. Here I will explain how to calculate SGPA in few steps. With these steps, you can calculate your SGPA without any confusion. The steps involved to calculate SGPA are:

Step 1: To calculate SGPA at first you have to know your credit points for all the subjects in one particular semester.

Step 2: After knowing the credit points you have to multiply the credit points with the grade you scored in the subject. Each subject will have different credit points. Based on your grade you scored in the particular subject multiply it with the particular subject credit points.

Step 3: After multiplying all the subjects with credit points add all the marks.

Step 4: Now the total sum you got by adding all the products should divide by the number of credits of all the subjects.

Step 5: The final value you got by dividing will be the final value of your SGPA. It is calculated by your performance of the grade you scored in the semester. It is the average grade of all the subjects in a semester.

How to Convert SGPA into Percentage

Now let us how to convert SGPA into a percentage. Without any manual calculations, we calculate the SGPA into percentages by using a calculator. This calculator will give the result of your percentage. We have to enter the SGPA we got in a semester and we have to submit our SGPA. And finally, we can see the percentage we scored in the semester.

This percentage will be helpful when you want to study abroad. Then you have to submit your percentage you scored in post-graduation or graduation. This percentage will be helpful for the admission session for the university. There is a simple method to calculate SGPA to percentage. Here I will provide you a few steps to follow for calculating percentages. The steps involved in calculating SGPA to percentage are:

Step 1: At first you have to calculate your SGPA you scored in all semesters.

Step 2: After calculating the SGPA of all the semesters you have to add the SGPA of all the semesters.

Step 3: Once you got the summation of SGPA of all semesters divides the summation value by a total number of semesters.

Step 4: After that, you have to multiply the SGPA with the value 10.

Step 5: once you got the product value subtract the product value with 7.5.

Step 6: The value you got by subtracting with 7.5 is the final value of your percentage. This will be the percentage you scored in all the semesters.

To get detailed information on the percentage calculation let us discuss an example. Suppose a student scored 7.0 in the first semester, 7.5 in the second semester, 7.8 in the third semester, and 8.0 in the fourth semester. Now the SGPA of all the semesters will be 7.0+7.5+7.8+8.0= 30.3/4= 7.57.

The percentage of all the semesters will be (7.57×10-7.5)= 68.2 %. So in this way based on a number of semesters you can convert your SGPA into percentage which will be helpful for your further studies. In the same way, you can also convert CGPA to percentage with some different methods. Without this manual calculation, you can simply convert your SGPA to percentage by using calculators.

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