How to Cast / Mirror iPhone to Firestick [Easy Method]

Mirror iPhone to Firestick: So you brought home a new Amazon Firestick and looking forward to the best options available for how to mirror iPhone to Firestick with ease. With the current trend where we find streaming the content from different devices to Firestick or smart TV, it is a good option to check how to screen mirror iPhone to Firestick. Let us explore a few options to understand how to mirror iPhone to Firestick.

However, there are only two types: the basic and 4K resolution stick. The difference between them is the resolution. Therefore, you can screen mirror iPhone to Firestick of any resolution.

Mirror iPhone to Firestick

Can you Mirror iPhone to Firestick?

Well, yes. There is an option available on Firestick that enables you to screen mirror iPhone to Firestick. You can mirror the iPhone to Firestick for streaming the content locally from your device to the TV device. The steps used in how to stream content from iPhone to Firestick are a little complicated.

Firestick supports Miracast, while iPhone works with AirPlay technology and that is exactly why you would find it a little complicated option.

How to Mirror iPhone to Firestick?

Mirroring iPhone to Firestick should be an easy task, but since you have no AirPlay support on Firestick, you would need to install a compatible third-party tool for the purpose. AirScreen is a great app that can be helpful for the purpose.

Here are the steps involved in how to use the method to screen mirror iPhone to Firestick.

On your Firestick device, go to the Search option and type in Airscreen

how to mirror iphone to firestick

Choose the Airscreen app and then download it.

Once it is installed, you can simply click on Start Now

can you mirror iphone to firestick

On your iPhone, go to Control Centre and then click on Screen Mirroring.

amazon fire stick mirroring iphone

Tap on the Firestick device’s name from among the list of devices available.

This will begin screen mirroring on your device, and starts to screen your iPhone device to Firestick.

What are the Best Options for Mirroring, Casting, and Streaming?

There are several options available for copying the content from one device to another. Casting and mirroring are quite common and that will mean streaming the content in terms of iOS content to Fire TV.

  • Mirroring – Mirroring refers to transferring the content from one device to another. This will involve using two screens simultaneously for accessing the same content.
  • Casting – This is equivalent to Casting. The term is used in context with Chromecast. Casting can be quite faster enough for playing your videos. The primary purpose of the Casting is to show the content from one device to another.
  • Streaming – Streaming high-definition movies from one device to another that includes audio. That would require powerful hardware for the purpose.

The Concluding Thoughts

Firestick is an amazing device and should be one of the prime options for enjoying one of the choicest options for watching media from your mobile. The AirBuddy or  AirScreen apps can be one of the excellent options for providing an excellent option for the purpose. In fact, that can be a great option for streaming iPhone content to Amazon Firestick with ease.

Following the steps outlined above should be helpful in letting you enjoy one of the excellent perfections in how to screen iPhone to Firestick without hassles.


Why is my mirrored stream to Firestick choppy?

  • Due to the licensing issues between Amazon and Google, Chromecast and Firestick run on two different protocols. This results in a few compatibility issues between Chrome and firestick. That is exactly what can create an issue such as choppy videos.

Why my Firestick is not showing up?

  • In case you are not able to see your Firestick on the available devices list, it may be possible that the two devices may not be connected to the same network. Check the WiFi settings on both devices and make sure that you have connected them to the same network

What are some software apps to help with mirroring devices?

  • Since the PC and Android devices have Miracast enabled by default, it would be easy to connect the two of them. If you have any issues, it may be worthwhile to use Google Apps such  as AllCast, Cast Videos, and Cast TV.

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