How to Reset Xbox Live Password in 5 Minutes – Easy Method 2020

How to Reset Xbox Live Password: Well, if you want to access Xbox Live, you need to opt for an account for the same. In fact, when you create an account, you need to provide the monthly payment option through a credit card. Once the account has been created, the next step would be to configure your password. Well, so far so good.

But what if you have forgotten your password? Well, the answer to that question should rather be much simple. Just reset the Xbox Live password. But, is it easy enough to reset the Xbox Live password? Yes, you can do it through your Account Management menu.

How to Reset Xbox Live Password

How to Reset Xbox Live Password?

Follow the steps here to find the best options to resetting Xbox Live password –

  • Turn on your Xbox Console
  • Move to the option of Account Management. You would need to ensure that there is no disc inside the tray
  • Type in anything you want in the password field.
  • This will bring up two options – Try Again and I Forgot My Passcode
  • I forgot my passcode should have a Clear button beside it.
  • Click on Clear

Choose the option for Clear option and then press the A button. You would now be prompted to enter the last four digits of the credit card you used for signing up for the service. Enter the digits and submit them.

You should now get the option to enter and confirm your new password.

While that is how you can reset the Xbox Live password, the steps are almost similar if you are other Xbox forgot password options on other services.

If you are wondering how to change your password on Xbox One, the steps would involve the following steps –

  • You should be able to your computer, smartphone, or even your Xbox One device for the purpose of changing the Xbox One password
  • Turn on your Xbox One and launch Microsoft Edge browser
  • Move on to
  • Enter your email address and the current password.
  • Once inside, click on your profile picture and choose the option Edit Profile
  • On the next page, choose the option Change Password

You will need to confirm your current password and then enter your new password. You will further need to confirm your password. Next, click on Save and your task is done.

If you are on your computer, you can log in to your Microsoft Login page. Login to your account using your email address and current password. Next, click on the Security tab that you should find at the top of your screen.

Click on Change Password in the Password Security box. Follow the instructions and then click on Change your password. You will now need to enter your current password and then enter your new password. Once that done, you can confirm your new password and then save your changes.

You can even configure a passkey if you do not want to enter your email address and password every time you log in to your Xbox One account.

Well, that was one of the easiest options to help you reset Xbox Live password or how to change your password on Xbox One in an easy to follow manner.

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