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How to Clean Laptop Fan – Stop Overheating & Improve

How to Clean Laptop Fan: Laptop fans may reduce the device operating temperature which limits both heat exposures to the hardware and makes the device easier to use. Laptops contain an inbuilt cooling fan and may be placed on notebook cooler pads to control the operating temperature. Prolonged heat exposure and Component heating will harm a computer’s elements over time, whereas extreme heating will really break the system. Laptops have limited space to figure with for cooling, which makes the cooling fans useful to the device’s well-being.

Hey, People Lets discussed the most common problem for all working, gaming, and desktop people out there. Typically to clean the laptop fan needs to open the PC this article will present the particular procedures like – how to clean laptop fan? How to clean a laptop fan with compressed air? People with laptops for more than a year or more may contain dust. Some clog fans due to dust, vent, and heat stink, that preventing your laptop from cooling down.

how to clean laptop fan

How to Clean Laptop Fan

Laptop overheating due to dirt, and there was nothing visible when sucking everything with a traditional vacuum cleaner. Upon gap, and removing the cooling fan, a hidden pocket of dirt became visible at either finish of the exhaust cooling fan assembly. Blasting these out resolved the matter, as a result of we tend to be in the real world.

First, we need to know how to open a laptop bottom cover, if you don’t have experience in dismantling the laptop please don’t go for it cause it causes damage to the laptop. cause every laptop to have a different process to open. The best way is to download the maintenance manual from your laptop’s official site. Which contains step by step to remove the components of the laptop.

  1. Remove the bottom cover of the laptop.
  2. Now for security, disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard.
  3. Remove the cooling fan and disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard.
  4. Now You just clean the fan using a brush or by wet cloth to wipe blades of the fan.
  5. If you want to reduce the noise of the fan, you may pull out the blades a little.
  6. Use cotton with some lubricant and apply it to the fan shaft.
  7. Also, apply a little on the fan base especially on the contact area.
  8. Check for heat-sink and remove them with the soft brush.
  9. Not only the laptop fan remove the thermal grease from the CPU and GPU using a cloth.
  10. Now apply some grease to the CPU and install the fan to motherboard and reconnect the battery and fix the back cover.
  11. Done now your laptop fan is dust-free.


A laptop fan can be cleaned by using a canned compressed air which is efficient or else by the above-given steps. Before start starting the laptop cleaning process, make sure that the laptop to be turned off and wash your hands to eliminate static electricity to avoid irreversible damage to the laptop. If you don’t have experience in laptop repairing please avoid it may cause damage to the laptop. No matter What might be the laptop type, intended use or time spent using it may leads to dusty fans and heatsinks try to clean frequently. Also share, like, and comment on the above article. Thank you.

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