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How to Charge Laptop Battery Without Charger – 2 Easy Methods

How to Charge Laptop Without Charger: A laptop could be a computer that’s portable and energy-efficient. For knowledgeable people, it’s a necessary device. A portable laptop helps the user in a convenient way for its user to send and receive an email, connect to people, create documents watch movies, and even engage many other functions. The basic challenge for people to use the laptop is battery life. The laptop runs on battery, we tend to perpetually like decent battery life.

So, for higher battery life, you must beware of the battery of your portable computer. Always use the company’s charger to charge it and work with it. If you face any downside charging the battery with original charger, solely then you can attempt alternative ways. These ways are sensible and conjointly tested processes on a way to charge batteries manually.

how to charge laptop battery without charger

How can I charge my Laptop without a Laptop Charger?

  1. Use a universal adapter
  2. Car Battery
  3. Use an external laptop battery charger
  4. USB C charging

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually

So Folks, Today we will discuss how to charge laptop battery without a laptop? How to charge laptop battery manually? How to charge a laptop without a charger? Yeah, Most of the High laptops with Lion batteries claim to own a 5-hour battery life; however, this measure will vary greatly counting on however the laptop is maintained or used.

The disk drive, different disk drives, and show |LCD| digital display| alphanumeric display all use substantial battery power. Even maintaining wireless net property needs some battery power. Several laptop models have power management computer code to increase the battery life or conserve battery power once the battery is low.

Solution 1: Use a universal adapter

Many people know about the universal adapter. This comes with so many ports and pins. So every laptop user can charge easily their laptops with this universal adapter. You can buy this any local electronics stores and also laptop showrooms. This adapter supports all types of laptop charging ports. So you can charge your laptop without a laptop charger.

Solution 2: Car Battery

Car battery one of the best solutions for charging your laptop without charger. Every car comes with a battery so many people using cards nowadays, Wiring the laptop directly to the battery can be tricky since most modern laptops have battery voltages ranging from 8V and above, while most car batteries are rated at 12V.

  • Step 1: Plug the inverter right into your car’s cigarette lighter socket.
  • Step 2: Now plug the laptop’s AC adapter into the inverter.
  • Step 3: Connect the AC adapter to the laptop.

Solution 3: Use an external laptop battery charger

You can purchase an external laptop battery charger is the best option for charging your laptop battery. You can charge directly your battery. Most external laptop chargers have indicator lights that flash when the battery is charging, then remain steady when the battery is fully charged.

Solution 4: USB C charging

Charge a Laptop by USB Port Yeah, Its true some people only knew that USB Ports are only useful for charging mobile phones and to transfer data, but there are some B type and C Type USB ports to send and receive power. However, Port A solely will transmit power to alternative devices but can’t receive power.

And the B port is an innovation within the high-tech niche. Users can be able to use this port of the laptops to power in. Also, kind C port may give a result of it removes the matter of an alternate source of charging a laptop while not its charger. So, Check for USB port kind C. Modules like Mac-book pro, Asus Chrome-book Flip C302, and Dell models completely provide USB type-C.

AC Adapter, Resent Laptops are having AC adapter connectors, the user may use those for laptop battery charging by attaching them to the hook-ups directly. If the laptop doesn’t have the port, buy a connector that suits your port and Use it. There are many other ways to charge the laptop by using Universal power adaptors(Supports only for some models), External Battery chargers, Super laptop batteries, and also user can use a solar charging kit


Laptop batteries have a notoriously short period of time. Despite recent enhancements to lithium-ion technology, most batteries will solely stand up to an exact variety of charge cycles before their capability starts to deteriorate speedily. By the above methods, the user may easily charge their laptop batteries. However none of these steps can work if your battery is already dead. Make sure the user’s battery condition is good. Also, Follow, like, and comment for queries by our articles.

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