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BoAt Service Center: The brand boat was started in Mumbai in the year 2016 by the man Mr.Gupta. Mr. Gupta was a serial entrepreneur and he also worked with hanuman internationals which is about lifestyle consumer products. The brand boat was launched with different products like speakers, earphones, headphones, premium cables, and charging adaptors. The brand boat was grown up in a large way with nirvana in the audio electronic sector.

The development and research of boats will be done in Mumbai, India. The manufacturing of boat products will be done in China. And the service center of these boat products is there in PAN India. And later boat company came with different products like AirPods, wired headphones, wireless headphones, wireless speakers, home Audio, mobile accessories in limited edition.

BoAt Service Center

The brand boat provides you with the best service like no other brand provides. When comes to music boat is the best well-known service provider. They came with different products with good quality and performance. Almost all the boat products will have a 1-year warranty for sure. In case if you are facing any issue with boat products you need to visit the boat service center. Each product of the boat brand will have a service center for customers’ convenience. You can also find boat earphones service center so in this way there are a lot of service centers available.

Across India, a boat service center is available in eight major cities. You can visit the service center for any boat brand product like earphones, headphones, speakers, and mobile accessories. A boat service center in Delhi is the best option or also you can visit any other boat service center based on your convenience. If you want to exchange the product by warranty then you have to go with proof like product details.

In service centers, there will be available limited products. Like if we consider the boat service center Karol Bagh, Delhi. Here you can get the products to repair like

  • Boat Bassheads 100 / 110 / 152 / 162 / 180 / 200 / 220 / 225 / 228 / 242 / 900 / 910.
  • Boat Airpodes 200 / 201 / 203 / 311 v2
  • Boat Rockerz 225 / 225F / 235R  / 400 / 410
  • Boat Micro Rugged V3 black
  • Boat stone 200black / 200 grenade / 200 blue / 1000 Black
  • Boat Nirvana UNO
  • Boat Micro USB 100 / 500
  • Boat Rugby black/blue

And in the boat service center Kalkaji, Delhi the product availability in this service center is

  • Boat Bassheads 100 / 110 / 152 / 162 / 180 / 200 / 220 / 225 / 228 / 242 / 900 / 910
  • Boat Airpodes 200 / 201 / 203 / 311 v2
  • Boat Rockerz 225 / 225 F / 225 R / 400 / 410
  • Boat Micro Rugged V3 black
  • Boat Nirvana UNO
  • Boat Rugby black/blue
  • Boat Stone 200 black / 200 grenade / 200 blue / 1000 black.

And In the boat service center Chennai, product availability is

  • Boat Bassheads 100 / 180 / 200 / 220 / 225 / 900 black
  • Boat Rockerz 225 / 400 black
  • Boat micro Rugged v3 black
  • Boat Nirvana UNO
  • Boat stone 200 black / 200 blue / 1000 black
  • Boat Rugby Black / blue

In this way, there will be some product availability in different service centers. Not all the boat service centers will be available to service all the boat products. To know about boat service centers in Ahmedabad here I will provide you some information.

Boat Service Center Ahmedabad

The boat company also provided service centers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. If you facing any issue with your boat products and your lives in Ahmedabad then you can visit the boat stores nearby your place. You can get information on boat service centers including boat service centers. Telephone number, boat service center address, boat service center email id, and boat service center fax address .

The boat service center is available from Monday to Sunday. The boat service center will be opened in the morning at 10:30 am and it closes at evening 5:30 pm. Before visiting the boat service center better to call whether the service center is available or not and also you can know the product availability. There will be no charge for the service they provide. The facility of the boat service center is well authorized for the ease of customers’ convenience.

If you have any complaint of boat product you can contact me through email, toll free number, customer service number and also you can file a complaint online. You will get an instant response from the boat service without any waiting. In this way also you can solve the issue you are facing with boat products.

So in this way you can service the boat products if you are facing any problems with the product. Make sure you will carry the product details during purchase if you want to exchange the product through warranty.


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