Best 2GB Ram Games For PC Free Download 2021

2GB ram games pc download: If you are a gamer and have only an older PC with you, you would face one major issue while playing your favorite games. The older PCs come with just around 2 GB RAM and that is exactly what makes it difficult to play the heavier games on these PCs.

That is what made us check out a few great and best 2GB RAM games for PC. If you have an old PC and check out the best options for the perfect PC games with 2GB RAM, we present you with the list of the best 2 GB RAM games for your PC.

2gb ram games pc download

Best 2 GB RAM Games for PC in 2021

If you have a 2 GB RAM old PC, you would not be able to play high-end games such as GTA, Red Deed Resumption, or any other similar options. However, there are plenty of lightweight games that should make you get access to an enhanced experience in achieving the best possible results.

Check out the best 2GB ram Games PC Download

1. Assassin’s Creed

The Assassin’s Creed has been one of the most popular games of yesteryears. In fact, the game had a series and sequels. However, if you are someone who has begun playing PC games only recently, you would not have heard about it or even played it.

The game Assassin’s Creed came out in 2007 and Assassin’s Creed 1 has been one of the prime options in the series. You can perhaps make a beginning with Assassin’s Creed 1 and then move ahead playing the sequels in that order. While it is one of the excellent games by any count, it has been treated to be a lightweight game given the fact that the current breed of games is quite a high end.

2. Need for Speed Most Wanted

When compared to the current breed of Asphalt and other racing games, the Need for Speed series is indeed quite lightweight. However, it would be heartening to note that the game was a superhit and widely popular when it was launched.

The graphics appear quite interesting and great even when compared to the high end and realistic games in the racing genre that we have been witnessing today. It should definitely be the finest option for the best 2 GB RAM games for PC. The game series is still in vogue and there have been new versions coming out.

3. GTA San Andreas

We all are aware of the GTA series and its popularity. While we are all waiting for the newest release in the form of GTA 6, the older GTA San Andreas should not necessarily be something you would want to miss out on. The game was released back in 2004 and it still has been inviting enthusiasts to its charm.

The game is still characterized by its enhanced graphics levels and other essential features. The game has been included among the lightweight games and listed among the best games for 2 GB RAM PCs because of the advanced options available on the current version of the same game.

4. Mafia – The City of Lost Heavens

This is yet another worthy inclusion among the best 2 GB RAM games for PCs. The game was launched in 2010. The game is one of the excellent options for the best lightweight games ever. Despite being released in 2010, the game has been around for a long. You would find the game offering you exceptional graphics ever.

The story of the game has been based on the 1900s. The cars and ancient buildings have been done extremely well. You would also find the storyline, missions, and accompanying music quite interesting and provide you an enhanced experience ever.

5. Delta Force Black Hawk Down

The story of the game is based in Somalia and dates back to 1990. It is the story of a real Unified Task Force that ran the actual mission in Somalia. One of the best games for the 2 GB RAM PCs, the game comes with an exceptional storyline that is both gripping and genuine. That would definitely make it one of the perfect choices for the best lightweight games for your 2 GB RAM PC.

The game may not be great in terms of graphics. The game has also been adapted in a Hollywood movie and that should ideally speak a lot about the efficiency of the game and its popularity. Get it today and find why it is one of the perfect and best 2 GB RAM games for PC.

6. Borderlands 2

You might have recently witnessed the Borderlands 3 that was launched recently. It went on to become the most successful and popular games in 2019. However, the game would need you to have a high end PC to play and run it.

However, you do not need to fret. If you do not have a high end PC, you can still play the game on your low end older PC. The Borderlands 2 should be an exceptional game par excellence and you can play it comfortably on a 2 GB RAM PC with ease. It should be one of the best options for the best lightweight games for your PC.

7. Portal and Portal 2

Portal 1 and Portal 2 are excellent options for the perfect lightweight games you can play on your older PC. It has been one of the excellent options for your requirements in a game for your 2 GB RAM PC.

The story available on the game is one of the prime options for your requirements. You will find that it comes with a captivating design ever. You will definitely find that the game is one of the perfect options with a high degree of quality in terms of the story. It should definitely be one of the prime games you would want to play on your 2 GB RAM PC.

8. Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Last in our list, but not necessarily least, the Counter-Strike Global Offensive should be an excellent option ever. We are sure you have heard about the series. It is indeed the best in terms of the counter strike series.

The game, despite being one of the prime games in recent times, is indeed a lightweight game ever. You should definitely be able to play it on your 2 GB RAM PCs. One of the excellent games, it is indeed a great option for the perfect lightweight game.

Well, those were a few exciting games you can check out if you are looking for a few great games for your 2 GB RAM PCs. Get access to these games and share your experiences with us. We are sure you would find these games quite interesting and extremely light on your old PCs.

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